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A new soap dispenser handle for Anna, which will help her take soap independently.


Anna, a 7-year-old girl, faces challenges with her fine motor skills due to past brain events during infancy. Consequently, she struggles with using essential items like the soap dispenser, after using the restroom at school.

To address this, we developed a specialized tool as part of a FIXPERTS project. This aid connects to Anna's soap dispenser at school, allowing her to utilize the product in a way that suits her abilities, granting her newfound independence in the fundamental task of handwashing.

This project was done in collaboration with Shay Rahamim, as part of the international FIXPERTS course that also operates at the Holon Institute of Technology HIT.

FIXPERTS_SOAPY_שירה ושי (1)_edited.png

CLICK ON THE ICON to see the full project video in FIXPERTS formal channel.

FIXPERTS_SOAPY_שירה ושי (1).jpg
FIXPERTS_SOAPY_שירה ושי (3).jpg
FIXPERTS_SOAPY_שירה ושי (2).jpg
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